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ABPsi Position Statement on Juvenile Justice

ABPsi Position Statement on Juvenile Justice In Januray, 2010, The National African American Drug Policy Coalition, Inc, put out a general request for position statements and op eds on the issue of juvenile justice issues confronting African...


The ABPsi Launches the African-Centered Re-Entry Project

The ABPsi Launches the African-Centered Re-Entry Project (ACRE) Project During the Annual General Assembly Meeting. Presented by the ABPsi ACRE Task Force The Norwegian Nobel Committee said he received it because of “his outreach to the Muslim...

Military Assault

Undisclosed Epidemic: Sexual Assault in the Military Ranks

  It is not normal for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines to endure three, four, five deployments to war zones in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan.  Our military is stretched to the breaking point with years of struggle to come.  

Haiti Article

Special Section on Haiti

  Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at approximately 4:53 pm the island nation of Haiti was disastrously traumatized and devastated by the magnitude 7.0 earthquake.  Not since the 1960 Chile earthquake has a people been so overwhelmed by an unpredicted and...


PD Job Listing

Issue Articles V44-1 - Spring 2010


Meet the ABPsi: Linda James Meyers, Ph.D.

Linda James Meyers, Ph.D. Chair of the Past President’s Council "If we looked at our history as...


Ebonics, Code-switching, and Communication Styles an African American Necessity

Recently U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) apologized for his 2008 remarks referring to...


The Association of Black Psychologists Disaster Relief Task Force on behalf of The Association of Black Psychologists

  On Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at approximately 4:53pm the island nation of Haiti was disastrously...



  0f we believe the definition of American racism consists of a belief in White superiority,...


Tributes to Elder Harriette McAdoo

  January 12, 2010 Dear Elders, I heard the news about the transitioning of our beloved Elder and...

Journal of Black Psychology

Governance V44-1

Benson George Cooke

President’s Message to the Board of Directors, General Assembly, Regional Representatives and Membership

  The urgency of the island nation, Haiti, and the current needs of Haitian communities throughout the...

Benson George Cooke

Reflections From Our President

Addressing Multiple Issues on Multiple Fronts: The ABPsi’s National and International Mental...

Cheryl Grills

Reflections From Our President-Elect

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Anthony P. Young, Psy.D.

2010 Leadership Development Institue (LDI)

    re you a student, an early career, or seasoned professional with a desire to enhance the stability...

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