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Huberta Jackson-Lowman and Olaitan Osagbemileke

HBCUs: A Crucial Conversation in the Age of Sankofa

By Huberta Jackson-Lowman & Olaitan Osagbemileke HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) are besieged; they are engaged in a battle for their survival. Their relevance is being challenged by Whites and Blacks. Their existence is threatened by internal dynamics and external pressures. In...

Psych Discourse - Daryl Rowe

Celebrating Our History, Transforming Our Present, and Taking Control of Our Destiny*

Taasogle Daryl Rowe, Ph.D., President, ABPsi For nearly 400 years, we have been fed toxic lies about our history, worth, and value as people of African ancestry. Lies about our looks, intellect, spirituality, culture, morals, and humanity. These lies are all rooted in one big lie: the lie of Black...


The Transition that Advances the LCPP Greatness

By Kevin Mwata Washington, Ph.D. ABPsi President Elect Valencia College Orlando ,FL The dynamism of human functioning suggests that we move, change and grow. These were the words that I used to open a communication that would appear  in  a  late  Fall  2012  edition of the Psych Discourse (PD)...

Psych Discourse 2014 - Tiffany-Stewart

Racial Incident Based Trauma as Suicide Risk Among African American Men

Tiffany A. Stewart, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas   Despite an ostensible increase in suicide among African American men, little effort has been made to understand its etiology, proper assessment, and culturally appropriate interventions. This paper highlights risk and protective     ...

Psych Discoure 2014-Alison_Munsch

Marketing to the Multicultural Consumer

By Alison Munsch, Saybrook University, San Francisco, California   This project examined marketing  strategies  from  the point of view of a “multicultural” consumer. The study relied on an in-depth interview with a multicultural informant, and a review  of  the  relevant  literature.   Multicultural...


Obituary Dr. Richard D. King: The Passing of a Giant in the Mental Health Field

Richard D. King, M.D. made his transition in December 2013 in LA, CA. Dr. King was a major architect and contributor to the resurrection of the mind of African people worldwide. It was his  work  as  a  profound and provocative African-centered psychiatrist that connected him to members of The...

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Promoting Service through Leadership: Sustaining the ABPsi

Greetings Members!  During the last two issues I have shared my vision for the Association, by...


Update from the Board of Directors

To promote continuing transparency between the Board of Directors and membership, key decisions...

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Chairperson: Rosy Uzuh* Chairperson Elect: Nkemka Anyiwo* Immediate Past Chairperson: Gabrielle...

Psych Discourse 2014 - Christine Paul

A Student’s Perspective

Christine Paul University of Houston “I am because WE are and, since we are, therefore I am.” ―...