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Intersectionality Theory: Its Implications for the Study of African American/Black Women’s Experiences

  Ciara Smalls-Glover, Ph.D., Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA Justin L. Williams, Ph.D., St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN Traditionally, the unique experiences of African American women have been understudied within the psychological literature (e.g., Jackson & Greene, 2000). Furthermore, within the United States, being African American or being a woman have historically been...

Rachel Gaiter


Rachel Gaiter, MS, MBA is a Ph.D. Candidate in Research Psychology with a Clinical specialization. She is the current Chairperson for the Student Circle of the Jacksonville Chapter of ABPsi. There is a lack of research on African American women in a plethora of areas, especially as it relates to body image, self-perception, and eating disorders. While there are studies conducted with African...


A Complex Existence: African American Women at the Intersection of Race and Gender

Lyneia Hawkins is a fourth year doctoral student Counseling Psychology program at Howard University and Kamilah Woodson is an Associate Professor and the Director of Training in the Counseling Psychology PhD program at Howard University. African American women are challenged in their existence as both African Americans and as females. They are faced with negative stereotypes that can hinder...

Taasogle Daryl Rowe, Ph.D. Immediate Past-President

The State of ABPsi: 2015

During this past year, the ABPsi has positioned itself in significant ways to expand our reach, relevancy, scope and agency in our 47th year of uninterrupted service to the Black community. This work reflects our ongoing efforts to implement our ideas to effect change within our communities and to celebrate the important work that has contributed to our mission. Due to the legacy of damaging...

General Articles

Congressman Louis Stokes, February 23, 1925 – August 18, 2015

Remembering Our Leaders: Congressman Louis Stokes, February 23, 1925 – August 18, 2015

Horace Julian Bond, January 14, 1940 - August 15, 2015

Remembering Our Leaders: Horace Julian Bond, January 14, 1940 - August 15, 2015

Dr. Suzanne M.	Randolph, Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

One of ABPsi’s Past National Presidents, Dr. Suzanne M. Randolph, Honored with Lifetime...

 Frances Adomako, Doctoral Student in Howard University’s Counseling Psychology Program

Reflection- Congressional Black Caucus: Valuing Black Lives

Living Ma’at: Moving African-centered Ethics from Theory to Practice