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ABPsi is our Black Shaolin

Introduction There are several risk factors that impact African Americans. Homicides are the leading cause of death for young Black men between the ages of 15-24 (CDC, 2010a). For Black women, a phenomenon called “unintentional injuries,” with homicides being next is the leading cause of death (CDC, 2010b).   The high profile killing of Black people by police in the news has been a large part of the...

Emotional Invulnerability: The Cost of Being “HARD”

  Introduction   The story of John Henry and his daring attempt to trounce a mechanical steam drill is likely a familiar one. The heroic tale of this ex-slave has been told repeatedly because of the character’s representation of the ideal male in the Black community. The values of triumph among African Americans are evident in this harrowing story of a man who achieved the impossible. John Henry was a...

The GRE, psychology doctoral program admissions, and ‘meritocracy’: A commentary

  By Rukiya King & Matthew B. Johnson* “The underlying, although unstated, premise … is that the expectation of white privilege is valid and that the legal protection of that expectation is warranted.”C. Harris (1993, p. 1770) Whiteness as Property. Amy Fisher is a Caucasian-American woman who claimed she was denied admission to the University of Texas due to her race (Fisher v. University of...


African Traditional Healing: An Overview of Related Concepts

Visible or invisible, the sun always shines and we all feel its warmth. Likewise, human beings, living or dead, as living suns rising and setting around the world, are all related to each other. The warmth of radiations never die at sunset, the physical dead. It is here that the misconstruction of the myth of the ancestors’ Cult of Africa began in the Western literacy. African people do not...

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