Spring 2018 Front Page

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President’s Message: By Huberta Jackson-Lowman, Ph.D.

HOTEP FAMILY, The past few months since my installation as President of the Association have been extremely busy and very eventful for the Association. Our Board and a number of our National Committees have been meeting with great frequency to address challenges that we are facing, to ensure  the  stability of the Association, and to prepare for the upcoming 50th Anniversary Convention. In this...

joe white abpsi

In remembrance of Joseph L. White

“REMEMBRANCE DEDICATION”  The tradition of our Ancestors requires that the people speak the departed into the afterlife by speaking the life they lived. In remembrance of Joseph L. White, The President of the ABPsi, Huberta Jackson Lowman, our BOD and membership dedicate in remembrance that: First and Foremost, in life, Joseph L. White nurtured, loved and protected his family, In life,Joseph L. White...

Wade Nobles

The Founding of the ABPsi and Black Mental health: From Impulse to Impact

By Wade W. Nobles, Ph.D.  Co-Founder The ABPsi, Professor Emeritus SFSU As many of you know, 50 years ago, a small group of professional Black psychologists and students (including myself) walked out of the American Psychology Association (APA). In its silence, we believed, the APA condoned and supported the rampant and deleterious ignorance and racism in psychology as a discipline. The...

Tomes Yuma

Dissecting & Discussing Privilege

By Yuma I. Tomes, Ph.D. Eastern Region Representative of ABPsi   The history of the American Negro is the history of this strife – this longing to attain self- conscious manhood, to merge his double self into a better and truer self. - W.E.B. Du Bois Across the nation, Americans  of all backgrounds, in particular African Americans are experiencing a time in which discussions about race, gender,...

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Community-based Models for Black Mental Health: Black Psychology as Professional Gateway Project

By Adeeba Deterville, M.A.,  Western Regional Representative, ABPsi Inc., National Board of Directors The Community-based Models for Black Mental Health: Black Psychology as Professional Gateway Project (BPPGP) was funded through a mini-grant by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development to the California Institute of Integral Studies. The project was the brain-child of Adeeba...

General Articles

Oba Tsare Woodyard

Student Circle Update

By Student Circle Chair, Oba Tsare Woodyard Working to Build for Eternity: Updates from the 2017-2018 Student Circle Board of Directors Increasing Membership: HBCU Initiative Membership Chair, Erica...


Getting Published in The Journal of Black Psychology

By Beverly J. Vandiver, Ph.D.   Getting published in a psychological journal is a competitive process and can be challenging and lengthy. However, authors who are attentive to several factors will ease...

Even the rat was white

The Rat is Still White

By SynClaire Arthur, Nailah C. Williams, Morgan Swain, Camille Lewis, & Dr. Jackie Collins Robinson Since the dawn of the field of psychology, brilliant individuals have debated questions that do...