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Huberta Jackson Lowman

President’s Message: 2018 PRESIDENTIAL AWARDS

Presentation during the ABPsi 50th Annual Convention By Huberta Jackson-Lowman:  Over the past few years our presidents have had the opportunity to nominate people who have made unique contributions either to their legacy as presidents or to the Association. This being our 50th anniversary I felt that we should recognize those whose contributions have been foundational to our identity and to our...

annelle primm ahmha

All Healers Mental Health Alliance

AUGUST 2018 Submitted by: Dr. Annelle Primm, Convener, All Healers Mental Health Alliance Following the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region in 2005, a national network of psychiatrists, faith leaders, social workers, psychologists, other mental health professionals, and allied associates formed an organization, the All Healers Mental Health Alliance...

detention center


COMMENTARY: August 6, 2018. This statement was developed by Huberta Jackson-Lowman in collaboration with Dr. Linda James Myers and Adeeba Deterville. It has not been approved as an official statement of ABPsi.   The most recent diabolical and heinous acts of the U.S. government involves the abduction of children whose parents have sought refuge in this country as an attempt to escape life...

General Articles

Carrying on Our Ancestor’s Legacy

By Haneefa Mateen: During ABPsi 50th anniversary convention, which was wonderful, inspirational, and humbling, Baba Dr. Wade Nobles conducted this year’s Sunrise Ceremony Honoring the Ancestors. He...


Getting Published in The Journal of Black Psychology

By Beverly J. Vandiver, Ph.D. Getting published in a psychological journal is a competitive process and can be challenging and lengthy. However, authors who are attentive to several factors will ease...

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50th Anniversary of the Michigan/Detroit Chapter: An Historical Narrative

By Amorie Robinson, Ph.D. In memory of Michelle Dunnell Our new President, Dr. Mama Huberta Jackson-Lowman stated that she would like to hear more about our local chapters and what they are doing....